Gift Box - £299


This is no ordinary gift voucher...

The box contains a pair of our 'Socks in a Box'... made from 100% cotton and in collaboration with High Arches Socks.

Our gift box also contains a beautiful style guild showing your lucky recipient lots of the styles we can create for them during their appointment. There's a flyer explaining how they should book their appointment; information about our Shoes & Snooze packaged and finally, a personalised invitation inviting them to this unique and exciting experience.

This gift box is worth £299, but here's the best bit. The price you pay comes OFF the price of the shoes when the order is placed - so really, the box is FREE!

Gift Boxes are non-refundable and must be used within 12 months of the purchase date. A Gift Box can be redeemed online or with any HDSCo partnership.

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