I've spent years trying to be something. The problem was, I didn't know what I was trying to be! I spent my life living for other people, rather than enjoying living for myself. I created this company out of my love and desire for one-off things, unique pieces that I could declare 'my own'. It was in this creation that it all made sense...


“Like many entrepreneurs, my creativity is driven my by an urge to express myself. I am who I am, an over thinker, anxiety sufferer and never more than an hour away from my worst moment. I'm also the most positive man you'll ever meet, a dreamer and an influencer intent on spreading love.

I'm a rescuer, I'm thoughtful and I'm kind. I'm lazy, neglectful and stubborn. It took me almost 33 years for me to accept myself for who I am. 

By being this open, I can express myself freely and live my most honest, authentic life happy that whatever happens tomorrow, I accept it. 

Hand Dyed Shoe Co. is an extension of me. A heart on sleeve brand that will always, always put the person before profit. I hope you love what you find."


My mission is to change the way the world by encouraging our customers to express who they are through a unique pair of handmade shoes that they have designed. I have an incessant ambition to create happiness and excitement for every customer we meet and my message to you is simple...

During your life, you'll buy hundreds of shoes. Very few you'll ever remember buying. You'll remember these ones.


Hand Dyed Shoe Company began in 2014 in the spare bedroom, firstly crafting small key rings and accessories from scrap leather from the furniture trade. From here, I began to piece together a vision of individually made, artisan bespoke shoes. The very first pair sold in 2016, to Colin Elrick, a former bookseller from Chester-le-Street, Durham. I cried tears of celebration, joy, shock and excitement.

Since then, HDSCo has developed into an award winning, globally recognised brand crafting thousands of unique shoes celebrating individuality and creativity amongst thousands of gentlemen all around the world, spreading happiness to many loyal customers and friends.

I am the proudest man on Earth.