I've spent years trying to be something. The problem was, I didn't know what I was trying to be! I spent my life living for other people, rather than enjoying living for myself. I created this company out of my love and desire for one-off things, unique pieces that I could declare 'my own'. It was in this creation that it all made sense...

Simon Bourne - The Shoe Guy

In a world where authenticity is often overlooked, Simon Bourne, also known as 'The Shoe Guy,' stands out as a true expression of himself. As an entrepreneur, he embraces his overthinking nature, struggles with anxiety, and acknowledges his flaws. Yet, he is the most positive, dreamer, and kind-hearted man you'll ever meet, intent on spreading love.

For Simon, self-acceptance was a journey that took almost 33 years, but now he lives his most honest, authentic life, accepting whatever tomorrow may bring. His brand, Hand Dyed Shoe Co., is an extension of himself—a heart-on-sleeve brand that prioritises people over profit. It embodies his values and mission to change the world by encouraging customers to express their true selves through unique, handmade shoes they design.

Simon's vision began in 2014, crafting small leather accessories in a spare bedroom. Over time, this evolved into the creation of individually made, artisan bespoke shoes. The moment he sold his very first pair in 2016 brought tears of celebration, joy, shock, and excitement.

Since then, Hand Dyed Shoe Co. has grown into an award-winning, globally recognised brand, offering thousands of unique shoes that celebrate individuality and creativity. It has brought happiness and excitement to countless gentlemen worldwide, building a loyal community of customers and friends.

Simon couldn't be prouder of the journey he's embarked on. His mission to make a difference through the shoes he creates reflects his unwavering dedication to authenticity and spreading happiness. With every step, Simon and Hand Dyed Shoe Co. leave a lasting impression, allowing customers to cherish and remember the experience of owning a pair of truly unique and special shoes.

So, as you walk through life and buy countless pairs of shoes, remember that very few will truly stand out in your memory. The ones you'll always remember are the ones crafted by Simon 'The Shoe Guy' Bourne—the shoes that express your individuality and tell your unique story. Embrace your authenticity, and step into a world of handcrafted happiness.