Every single pair of shoes we make is unique, because every single pair is hand dyed.

hand crafted, just for you

 It is actually impossible to make two pairs of shoes that look exactly the same because the beautifully soft, calf skin leather that we use to craft your upper is essentially the dictator of all. 

We mix our dyes from precise recipes of extract, alcohol and water. These recipes, whilst precisely measured, can be subtly changed by a mere microgram difference in the quantities, and this is something we purposely don't perfect. We mix in batches no bigger than 1 litre, so we can be sure that when that batch of dye is empty, we're starting afresh and creating that colour again from those raw ingredients.

Because of this, we always refer to colours as tones, rather than colours, because we aren't working with Pantone codes here. These shoes are beautifully hand made, and hand dyed and unique in every pair created.

Our shoes aren't mass produced. We work on one pair at a time, in a sequential order  based on when our orders come in. You have many choices when it comes to the tones, textures and sole, and as such you can create your shoes to the values you seek. A Dainite rubber sole for lots of grip and longevity, or a leather sole for that sleek, professional style. The choice is yours.

But what doesn't change is the quality of our construction. We line our shoes with cow skin, rather than pig skin like many other shoe brands. Cow skin is more porous than pig skin, and it allows your feet to breath and not become too saturated and of course, smelly. 

The vamp, or the outer leather, is calf skin. This softer leather is incredible for offering you that 'fits like a glove' feeling. Wrapping around your foot, rather than clamping around it, calf skin is the most beautiful component when constructing quality shoes. Our Blake welt construction offers means you have instant flexibility in your shoes, stitching through the outsole, insole and bottom of the shaft of the shoe. The Blake reduces that breaking in period, offering flexibility, featherweight comfort and elegant style.

HDSCo shoes are quality, beautiful, bench made shoes. We offer full restoration services including resoling, reheeling and redying where necessary. 

Find out more about our restoration & repair service.

  • How much are the shoes?  
  • Where are you based?  
  • How can I book?
  • Can I buy a voucher?
  • Can  I order online?

It is difficult to say exactly what the end price will be because we don't know what he will choose, but our shoes range from £350-450 on average depending on what he chooses. This is why we cap the gift box at £399. If his order did not reach £399 and you have paid for a £399 gift box, we would reimburse you the difference at the end of your appointment. If you need to top up to your gift box, we will also settle this at the end of the appointment.

Our main studio is in County Durham. Our studio is based in a beautiful, Ushaw College. If you can't make it to Durham, we also have a stockists in London, Yorkshire and Dubai who have a small collection of our shoes and who are trained to offer you a consultation and experience similar to our Durham offering. 

Yes, of course. If you want to get organised, simply order a gift box which we will be with you within 48 hours too.

Yes, but not your stereotypical gift vouchers! Instead, we do a gift box which works the same way as a voucher - i.e. a deposit on a product - but instead of a piece of paper in an envelope we will send you a beautiful box with lots of extras.

Yes, if you have ordered before we will have your sizing on file and if you haven't there are ways we can work our your fitting remotely.Our website is e-commerce friendly so you can add anything to your basket and checkout like any other website. We would always get in touch with you to discuss your order and refine details so if you can't make it to one of our locations, don't be concerned with ordering online. We aren't a normal shoe shop and we will personally be in touch to chat with you about your order.