1) The Pen & Paper Method


2) FeetSizr

Grab some help from a family member or friend, and download our digital APP. Create a profile and follow the instructions. When you have saved your measurements, it will be automatically save to your profile. Once you have finished your design and pressed the 'Order' button, you will be asked to select a size. You can connect your FeetSizr profile and we will do the rest. 

Download the app here:

Google Play - Download FeetSize
App Store - Download FeetSizr

3) Book a Fitting & Design Consultation

Lastly, if you would prefer to turn this into a free private, one-hour consultation with one of our dedicated Shoe Guys, you can book a fitting and design consultation at any of our studios where we will guide you through your measures, as well as helping you create your perfect pair of handmade shoes from construction through to colours. We even have a fridge full of beer...

Click here to book now: