My name is Simon Bourne. I am 'The Shoe Guy'. In my life, I've also been 'The Journalism Guy', 'The Sofa Guy' and many other 'Guys'.

I've always lived by the saying that I'm not an expert at anything, I'm just good at a lot of things, however, I've realised lately, I am an expert at one thing. I'm an expert of people.

Over the last decade, I've found myself sat alongside some of the world's best sports journalists as I stretched my love of writing into football stadiums around the world. I became an award winning retail manager with a reputation for high sales numbers alongside emotive and emphatic customer reviews. I have built a global brand with 5-star reviews, a loyal customer base and passionate 'friends' of the business. I even found myself on the BBC's Dragons' Den...


I think most of my customers would very kindly describe me as authentic, honest and inspirational due to my open and none-contrived approach to life. I am who I am. I'm incredibly humbled by this, after all, who wouldn't want people to use words like this to describe them? But, here's the magic. What if I told you that I know the formula to make ensure that it's these feelings that my customer is left with? What if I told you I know how to pair my personal brand with a powerful sequence of skills that not only secures a sale, but it leaves my customer with an emotive connection to the legacy that I've embodied within my business...

I've realised that throughout each of my life events and various careers, every opportunity has been captured because of five key principles of sales. None of them involve bullying, pressure, hard sell tactics or any kind of intense psychology. 

And the good news is, I'm ready to share them with you!