Hand Dyed Shoe Co. is so much more than selling shoes. The best Shoe Guys (or Shoe Gals) are the ones who are instantly relatable - they can hold a conversation with a tree stump! It's about passion, energy, friendship and humility. Being a Shoe Guy is about relationships. Your natural instinct is to be helpful. You go out of your way to be kind to people. It's the small details that make all the difference - a reply to an email to express thanks. A phone call to acknowledge a booking and to tell your customer that you're looking forward to meeting them and offering your personal name and number should they need anything. You seek out the opportunities to do the unexpected in order to make someone else's day. 

If you are based in the UK and all of this sounds like you and your personality, you should read on.

We are on the lookout for franchise Shoe Guys (again, or Gals) in carefully selected locations around the UK. Our tried and tested marketing strategy will keep you busy with Design Consultations and Fitting appointments and help you to build your portfolio of customers/friends of this unique, award winning brand. 

The logical part of the job...

Your role as The Shoe Guy is to guide your customers through our Trust Pilot five-star rated shoe design consultation and fitting. Supported with fantastic training, guidance and our 3D digital design technology, along with your own Hand Dyed Shoe Co. studio and portfolio of product, you will take your customers through an hour long one-to-one experience where your customer will leave having designed their own pair of made-to-measure, bespoke shoes. You need to have an understanding of sales psychology and an ability to provoke open thinking - sometimes choice can be overwhelming - but don't worry, we will help you with all of this. 

Where do I do my appointments?

For the right people, we will help you to find the perfect location to run your operation from. In terms of where in the country, we see ourselves as a destination brand and we are particularly keen to speak to people in pretty, historical market towns. We don't want Hand Dyed Shoe Co. on the high street or with huge bay windows packed full of sale banners or marketing gimmicks. Our brand is much cooler than that. We are in the roof tops of an old church, or the basement of a forgotten brewery. It's a secret shoe haven that when found is every bit part of the WOW experience you are about to deliver for your customer. It smells like leather. It's wooden and earthy, with delicate glamour encompassed from our brass signage. 

What do I need to know about shoes?

Nothing! If you have an interest in men's fashion, clothes, style, that will help you because you'll be naturally passionate about what we do and what the shoes stand for, but we can teach you everything you need to know about shoe lingo. 

How much will I earn and what hours do I work?

Truthfully, it's up to you. We believe that you shouldn't work more than five days-per-week. We all have our own families and we all need time for ourselves. We prefer our diaries to be open Tuesday to Saturday and for clients to be able to book in up to 48 hours prior to today, so you always know where you stand. The more pairs of shoes you are selling, the better it is for your wallet. The world is your oyster. Equally, what is fantastic about being a Shoe Guy is that it brings plenty of flexibility to your life, whereby if you don't have any appointments today, you don't need to be at your studio. You are in effect your own boss... need to pick the kids up? No problem.

It goes without saying there is an expectation from the company's behalf that you need to be available and if you aren't available, your territory would be at risk, but in achieving the business' ambitions, you are in charge of your own earning potential.

How long does it take to build a client base?

You may well already have one that you feel that you can bring to Hand Dyed Shoe Co. Or you may be starting from scratch. We don't mind either way. The most important thing is you, because if you encompass our values and you are able to be The Shoe Guy, your customer base with very quickly grow.

What will I have to invest?

The franchise fee for Hand Dyed Shoe Co. is £18,000 and the Package Fee is £10,000 which includes a turn-key business model (i.e. everything will be set up, fitted out and ready for you to start on day one). In some cases, Government led funding is available for up to 80% of the fee.

What am I buying into?

Logically, the obvious answer is you're buying into a beautiful brand. You're investing in a solid supply chain, a proven sales philosophy and powerful marketing strategy. But Hand Dyed Shoe Co. is about being part of something far greater than logic. It is a culture. It is a celebration of those unique, idiosyncratic traits we all have within us and what makes us all interesting.

You're buying a slice of our very own idiosyncratic founder, Simon Bourne - the original 'Shoe Guy' - whose personal brand is etched throughout the company. Simon is a world class relationship builder which comes from deep within - it's a natural passion for evoking happiness within all people. From our customers to our supply chain, through to web developers, accountants, ex-employees and the existing team, you are buying into a consistent culture of determination; relentless passion; humility, authenticity and experience. 


"It is not about what you do at Hand Dyed Shoe Co., it's about how you feel when you do it."

Simon Bourne

So… what’s next?

If you like creativity and giving world class customer service; if any review less than five stars would pain you; if you're passionate, personable and likeable... it's time for you to get in touch:




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