Most people are at their happiest when they are expressing themselves. Whether that is an artist anonymously painting a canvas in a silent room, or a CEO stood on stage delivering their carefully thought-out vision for the future of their company, we deliver our greatest feelings when we're unapologetically being ourselves. 

Here at Hand Dyed Shoe Co, we don't care what kind of design you come up with. We we do care about is what it means to you. We want you to create these shoes, enjoy the wait whilst they are handmade specifically for you, and then wear them with utter pride, knowing that they are an extension of who you are.

A simply designed plain black whole cut is equally as special as a multicoloured pair of monkstrap boots. How you feel when you wear them and where they take you is the most important thing.

Our customers are the Oscar Wildes, the Steve Jobss, the Nelson Mandelas of this world. Our customers are winners. Our customers aren't afraid of being who they are. 

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, we very much look forward to meeting you.