Tony, our Lollipop Man.

Today marks the anniversary of this moment. I surprised Tony - my daughter's Lollipop Man - with a personalised pair of bespoke shoes for his wedding as a random act of kindness.

Tony and I have become good friends. Somewhere in my vision I hope Tony can work for my company one day.

He would tell you himself he has made mistakes in life that have had tough consequences. But what I see in this guy is pure heart and absolute great intentions. As someone living with ADHD, he has always believed he wasn't good for much but let me tell you if all people came with an ounce of his work ethic and dedication, his warm heart and encaptivsting spirit... the world would be a greater place. I felt it was important he knew this, and that was why I did him those shoes.

Not all superheroes wear capes. Although this one, kinda does.

Love you pal.

PS. Tony has never worn the shoes since his wedding day. He keeps them in the box and he says it's unlikely he will wear them again because he would hate to spoil them. This is exactly the humility and pride I speak of.