Thank you to the Blakey Family!

I didn't always want launch a ladies collection for Hand Dyed Shoe Co. The brand was always about me and my desire to be creative and express who I am so it was always going to be mens first; but when you get asked and asked and asked and asked.... sometimes you have to listen!

The Blakey family have been there for me almost since day 1. From making Connor Blakey's wedding shoes in 2018, and providing a memorable experience for Kevin Blakey's (Dad) birthday in 2020, it was only right that chief supporter and newly adopted mother (her words) Cheryl got her turn!

In partnership the wonderfully talented, Vicky Wade, Cheryl has designed a hand dyed Mrs. Bovine boot with blackberry and bay, paired with Vicky's Jasper satchel.

Do we do bags? No. But will I go above and beyond to get you one? You bet I will if it will bring you happiness 😊

I firmly believe family comes in many shapes and forms. This special 'business family' have played a huge part in my journey and I will always be immensely grateful for the encouragement and the cash!

Thank you so much to the amazing, amazing Blakey family 🤎 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦


Our Lady Bovine lace up boot with 4cm heel in purple tone.