Love Your Pet Day

As today is love your pet day, we wanted to reflect on our fury friends and how they've helped us cope with life's natural stresses and any strain on our mental well-being. Lauren - our administration guru - welcomed her four legged friend to her family at the end of 2019, just before the Coronavirus pandemic emerged. And since doing so, the rest of the Hand Dyed Shoe Co. team have watched a beautiful bond flourish. So much so, that I am currently awaiting the day to collect my own little pup.

I'll let Lauren share with you the joy her pet has brought...

"Second to my son, my Dalmatian Lyla is one of the best things to come in to my life. She is my first ever dog and before her I always used to think that people who treat their dogs like babies were mad! Then she came in to my life and I totally understood.

Lyla shows us all so much love and you can see how much she adores my son by the way she follows him around, plays with him and protects him.

After the birth of my son I suffered with post natal depression as having a little human changes your life in ways I never could have imagined. I felt constantly needed and wanted and sometimes felt I didn't get time to just breathe. Lyla has changed that for me, as she needs a lot of exercise, taking Lyla for long walks gives me the time I need to myself to just breathe.

Once my partner is home from work I take Lyla out for her exercise and I get to blow the cobwebs away. On weekends I take time out to go for a long adventurous walk and it really does help with the stress and worry that builds up throughout the week.

It sounds totally mad but I truly love my baby Lyla and she really has helped me in ways no one will ever understand."

So as today is Love Your Pet Day... Tell us what pets you have and how they've had a positive impact on your life?

If you need help looking after your pet or your own mental well-being please reach out to someone, whether it be pdsa, humen or even us for a little chat. 

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