Introducing the Hand Dyed Ladies Range

For as long as we can remember in every fitting we’ve been asked “have you ever considered doing ladies shoes?” We’ve always felt we needed to perfect our craft, really develop our business in the realm of menswear before branching out into other channels.

Simon Bourne has always had a great creativity and passion for all things bespoke and unique; he taught himself over many years the techniques and knowledge to be able to measure and find the perfect fit for almost any gentleman.

However, a woman’s foot is a completely different measuring process. A woman’s foot is not only smaller but narrower and each variation in women’s styles requires a tailored fitting technique - for example a heeled boot will fit notably different to a flat soled boot.

Not only this but our workshop and crafts people are predominantly mens focused, developing a women’s range would require significant investment from both ourselves and our workshop.

One of the silver linings we found amongst the chaos that is 2020, was time. We tasked ourselves with bettering our brand through the many days of lockdown, one of the outcomes of this was our exciting new ladies range!

We’ve launched our new ladies line with eight styles including two heeled boots, two flat boots, two pairs of shoes, a monk strap and a pair of loafers. All ready to be customised to exactly how you’d like them - you can choose your colour and texture for each section of the shoe to create something only you would own.

We worked with our workshop to develop a range of styles we felt would suit our customer’s better halves. The process began with searching for inspiration and presenting our vision to our workshop manager who was able to work with our ideas and design a small number of shoes. At this point we gave our feedback, most we loved but wanted a few extra styles. We knew we wanted a loafer and a couple of heeled boots and once the range had been revised to include these we received our first samples!

It was a very exciting day in our studio, at the time they arrived we were with friends of Hand Dyed Shoe Co who were also wanting to get a pair of ladies shoes!

From the samples we were able to decide which styles we would stock, and make decisions on the features of the shoes such as rubber cleated soles - we decided these weren’t entirely on brand and therefore decided to omit these.

We’re so excited to finally have the styles and means to create beautiful bespoke shoes, fit for a lady! Take a loot at the full range here.


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