How to Shine Your Shoes?

So you want to get that perfect glacé shine on the toes of your shoes? No problem, we can tell you just how to shine your shoes!

Just follow our simple three step guide and you'll have enviable shiny toes, in no time.

What you'll need:

 1)   1x tin of Saphir Mirror Gloss Polish
 2)   a handful of cotton wool balls
 3)   a small pot of cold tap water
 4)   some nice breath 

Step 1:
Take of the lid of your polish and gently work some of the wax into the tip of your fingers. Less is more - don't go crazy. Apply the polish to the toes section of your shoes in small circular movements. The polish should go dry - this is good. 
TIP: Keep the Mirror Gloss polish exclusive to the toe and heel section. You don't want a glass slipper. 

Step 2:
When you're done, leave the polish to set for a few minutes and then you can get to work on the shine.
Dip your finger in the water and dab a teardrop amount on top of the wax. Swirl your cotton wool in the polish (less is more) and begin gradually working the water into the shoe, once again in small circles.
TIP: Do not use spit. You have acids in your mouth that can affect the shine. 

Step 3:
As you begin working the polish, apply the final ingredient... some nice warm breath. As you breath on the toe section, a cloud will smear the top of the polish. This is good. Add a small amount of polish to your cotton wool once more, and keep going with those circles. 
TIP: Persistence and patience is the key. Keep working it and it will reward you.

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