HDSCo Workshop is making PPE

Earlier this year we announced we had been working to transition the production of our shoes to the UK. We worked with our new British workshop for a great length of time to ensure the sleek and quality craftsmanship remained. The journey we’ve taken to get to where we are now as a brand is one we’re very proud of and so proud to say we’re a British made brand.

 We made the decision to hand craft all orders placed from 29th February 2020 in our new British workshop, unknowingly just weeks later we would be facing the global pandemic known as Coronavirus, putting a stop to almost all non essential production and trading.

It’s a challenging time for all businesses to navigate their way through not only a pandemic but an economical crisis too. While many feel helpless and isolate from the world, others use their resources any way they can to help fight the virus.

We are so, so proud of our new friends at the HDSCo North East workshop who are using their facilities and workforce to create the much needed personal protective equipment for the NHS.

 It is heart warming to see a team we work so closely with are pooling their resources for a need beyond their own, to ultimately protect our NHS workers as they look after those infected.

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