The Then, The Now, The Bit Loafer

The slip-on shoe - more typically known as a loafer - first began to gain popularity in the early 1950s after the invention of the penny loafer. It wasn’t until Italian designer, Aldo Gucci, recreated the basic loafer by adding a gold horse bit that they really took off and became a popular must-have. With that came the invention of what is now the Bit Loafer, also commonly known as the Gucci Loafer. In 1953, Gucci released their bit loafer to recreate the basic style to create something more elegant and formal. Gucci had a reputation for making leather products such as bags and luxury Italian leather goods and expanded their product range by creating their own style of loafers. 

The original shoe first made of heavy saddle leather, has now been swapped for a lightweight calfskin. Gucci’s Bit Loafer was less bulky with softer leather and a more aesthetically appealing design than the original which quickly became popular with the masses. 

Loafers were first seen as being too casual for city wear until it was redesigned and the metal clasp across the vamp was added which is when the Bit Loafer became widely accepted in the 1960s as being a classy slip-on, considered smart enough for formal occasions. 

Bit Loafers can be worn throughout the year at almost every occasion, day or night, as they are a perfect accessory for any outfit. There is a vast selection of colours, patterns, and materials to choose from to perfectly pair your Bit Loafers with any outfit. Darker colours from The Hand Dyed collection such as BlackBlack, Submarine, or Oxblood would be more appropriate for a formal occasion to be worn with a suit, whereas lighter, non-standard colours like Crimson, Bay, or Sand Suede, would be a better fit for more causal attire and worn with a pair of jeans or chinos.

The Now - The Hand Dyed Bit Loafer 

After several months of wrestling graphite and extensive prototypes, we can finally present to you our own take on this classic style to bring you our latest model - the quintessential Mr. Buchanan. 


With a more rounded toe and smoother design than its predecessor, Mr. Buchanan is the epitome of elegance. 

Perfect for those casual occasions, this classic will look stunning with a pair of dark denim jeans, a well tailored pair of chinos, or even a suit to the office. This slip-on loafer style with a single decorative clasp offers sophistication, style and comfort all in one.

Mr. Buchanan is a fabulous bit-loafer with a clasp in a choice of colours, and divine stitching around toe cap. It is a fabulous twist on a luxurious slip-on with a classic feel. Choose from a choice of colours, suedes, leathers, and embosses, to create something that is truly one of a kind made exactly how you want.

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