Lifestyle Everyone Secretly Admires You, This Is The Reason Why...

Our school years moulded us, they contributed to the creation of our unique character, they threw challenges and scenarios at us that we had no choice but to face.

Labels were applied to us by our peers and onlookers, stereotypes were created and prejudices were formed - those which we are still being subjected to in adulthood.

"You either fitted into a box with a label, or you didn't.

A stereotype was applied to you regardless"

There was of course... those who recognised that they didn't want to conform to the majority of their peers, being a sheep wasn't in their DNA, following the pack was a definite "no - no".

These are the individuals I want to focus on...

Those with a burning urge to be different, you stood out ( fashion sense, music taste, hobbies, opinions) perhaps you became a target of negativity because of your differences; your authenticity.

Regardless of which ways your peers pulled you, you always remained true to yourself; not being influenced by the opinions and prejudices of others.

You walked away.

You are an adult now, your "weirdness" has now become quirky, your different dress sense has now become "unique" your style and personality is now considered "authentic and interesting" - you see, their are no longer negative connotations in the adjectives used to describe you anymore.

You are admired because...

 - Of your individualism, your creative nature and your bravery in stepping out of the box society has tried to put you in. 

- Your standard of conversation doesn't dwell on the negative, you are deep, your conversations are abundant with authenticity and creativity.

- You leave any ego you have at the door, your genuine interest in other shines through in all that you do. 

- You are unique, careful about the people you let into your life, rubbing shoulders with positivity and optimism as much as possible to develop your character continuously.

- in a world of google and algorithmic news feeds you have no control over, you know that thinking for yourself is one of the most important qualities you can possess.

- You dislike all that is superficial, your quality for getting to know someone to the core makes you someone people want to spend time with. 

- You want to evolve, you don't want to live in the handcuffs of societies continuous stereotyping.  You allow what insecurities you have to help you grow, you own it and recognise it.  

It takes bravery and courage to step out of the bosom of your comfort zone, something which most are afraid to do.

This is what makes you stand out.

This is why people admire you

This is why you should always be true to yourself



Simon Bourne - Founder 

Hear my story via podcast courtesy of Manufacturing at Heart