Introducing Myself... Simon Bourne - 'The Shoe Guy'

The Hand Dyed Shoe Company is an eclectic mix of creativity and fashion. I've always been a bit different from the rest. At school, I was the odd kid, the one who didn't really conform with trend or the cool kids' routine. 

I went through most stages of the confused young adult. When I first met my girlfriend - now my wife - I was 15 and very much the sportsman. It was football shirts and tracksuit bottoms all the way. I was rarely seen without a cap. In to my late teens and I discovered long hair and straighteners before the dreaded black hair dye. This preceded blue hair dye, red hair dye and every other colour you could imagine. It was only really, in my late 20s that I truly found my identity - as corny as that sounds. I started to read more magazines, observe more and ultimately be confident in what I was wearing rather than rebellious. 

My 'style' now still doesn't conform as such. I like to be smart casual if you want to put a classification on it. Shoes, always, of course, with jeans, shirts, braces, dicky bows, ties, waistcoats, blazers, knits and hats... take your pick!

So, what's my point?!  

The company is an extension of me. My shoes are designed to offer you that level of creativity. In hand dyed leather, you truly have the most perfect canvas for creating individuality and personality. Each pore - and there are millions of them - takes the dye differently which ultimately makes every shoe different in patina.  

By designing these shoes from the first stitch right through to the last coating of polish, I'm exceptionally proud of a product that will give you that true love of you and your identity too. 

Let your hand dyed shoes be part of your journey.

Simon Bourne - Founder