Here Comes The Groom!

When I got married in 2012, a £16k wedding bonanza I should add, I recall that there were two things that were definitively mine on the day (well, three if you include the new wife...)

Firstly, I hired The Milkshakers to play the evening gig - highly recommended if you like your rock and roll music! Secondly, I had the luxury of hiring a suit, so arguably 'not mine' after all. 

My handmade leather shoes are made especially for you, and one of the wonderful things I'm able to do is add a monogram, or personalise shoes! You can add anything from your wedding date to your wife's initials! 

I'd have LOVED something like this. Shoes can just be shoes, but they can be special too and this is such a way off adding some personalisation into your wedding date. And ladies, are you stuck for a gift for your groom? What better gift than opening a handmade, personalised pair of shoes on your wedding morning? Imagine how your hubby-to-be would react to them!

Why get married in a boring pair of brogues when you could have a one-of-a-kind, unique pair in any colour, made for you and personalised with your wedding date?

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Simon Bourne - Founder